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If your regular Pap test shows any changes or abnormalities, your doctor may recommend that you have a simple test called a colposcopy. The colposcopy test provides more information about the abnormal cells, and may be used to assess certain problems such as:

  • Genital warts on the cervix
  • Cervicitis (inflamed cervix)
  • Benign (non-cancerous) growths, such as polyps
  • Pain
  • Bleeding

Sometimes, colposcopy may need to be performed more than once, and can also be used to check on the results of treatment.

How is Colposcopy done?

Colposcopy is done right in our office, and is performed much like a Pap test. A speculum will be used to spread the walls of the vagina so that the interior of the vagina and the cervix are visible. A mild solution will be applied to your cervix and vagina with a cotton swab and the colposcope will be placed just outside the entrance of your vagina.

Colposcopy may also involve taking pictures of your vagina and cervix. Your doctor will discuss this with you before the procedures. Your doctor may also do a biopsy during the colposcopy. This involves removing cells and/or samples of abnormal tissue from the cervix. If a biopsy is taken, it will be studied in a lab, and your doctor will discuss the results with you as soon as they are available.

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It is very important that you follow your doctor’s recommended schedule for Pap tests, as they are an excellent way to find changes that could become cancer. Colposcopy will give you even more information, and can be done safely and conveniently right in our offices.

If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms (pain or bleeding), or would just like more information, make an appointment to see one of our physicians right away.

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